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Frequently Asked Questions

When choosing an Assisted Living Facility for your loved ones or for yourself, there are bound to be lots of questions that come up. If you’re considering A Home for Care, please take a look at our list of most frequent questions that we receive. If you still have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us (623) 236-3959.


What does the room and board cover?

Room and Board covers the rent for the room, housekeeping services, laundry and linen services, Medical Administration and Record Keeping, 24/7 supervision by Licensed Care Givers, In-House Entertainment including Games, Music, Exercise, and Pet Therapy.


 What am I responsible for outside of Room and Board?

Acquisition of medications, any nutritional supplements required such as vitamins or Boost, Transportation for the resident for any out of home activities.


How do I pay for Assisted Living?

Medicare does NOT cover the cost for room and board at Assisted Living facilities. 

Costs are often covered by a combination of savings, Social Security benefits, pension payments and retirement accounts. However, there are some government programs and financial tools that can offer help paying for assisted living. For more information  visit— 

Or call (602) 417-4000 and ask for information about Adult Long Term Care Services (ALTCS).


 Do you do transportation?

We do not provide transportation outside of the homes at this time. However we do have the contacts for local Transportation companies who have vehicles to transport those who need wheelchair or stretcher services.


 Does my loved one need to leave the home if they are on Hospice?

No. Most Hospice patients can be cared for in our home. Our staff has experience and works side by side under the supervision of the Hospice Doctors and Nurses to provide end of life care.


I feel guilty about having to place my loved one in someone else’s care. Is this wrong?

No, this is completely normal. For many families the process of having to admit that you need additional help to care for your loved one and then finding the right home for them can be very stressful. 


Mom or Dad is a wanderer. Can you still take care of them?

Yes. Our facilities are equipped with wanderers locks and alarms. In addition to that our staff is trained to supervise and handle those residents who are wanderers.


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